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Contemporary Northwest Poets  Long Journey
Contemporary Northwest Poets
Long Journey

ISBN-13: 9780870710988

Including: Anne Caston

Long Journey showcases work by over eighty of the Pacific Northwest's leading poets. Of the nearly two hundred poems collected in this remarkable anthology, most are new and previously unpublished, providing readers with a fresh look at the state of contemporary poetry in the region. The poets featured in Long Journey include both well-known names and those deserving greater recognition; both poets long associated with the Northwest and recent arrivals.

Editor David Biespiel's goal in compiling Long Journey was to produce "an early twenty-first-century snapshot of how various and engaging this region's poetry is," a record of what poets living in the Northwest are working on right now. The poems display a wide range of styles, forms, voices, and language and together highlight the ongoing achievements of the many diverse poets who call the Northwest home.

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